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Category Archives: Assessment & Evaluation Tools

Monitoring tools

Files with monitoring tools


A lot of modules have been produced. Now it is time to try them out. Therefore you can find in our website some files with monitoring tools.

DOWNLOAD: Feedback from lesson delivery
DOWNLOAD: Aeclil lesson delivery
DOWNLOAD: Module planning
DOWNLOAD:  Teaching observation

Evaluation of learning modules

Evaluation concepts and practices for LLL teachers/service developers

DOWNLOAD:  Evaluation concepts and practices


 DOWNLOAD: Student self evaluation
 DOWNLOAD: Assessment form for group processes
 DOWNLOAD: Teacher_self_evaluation
 DOWNLOAD: Global rubrics revro
 DOWNLOAD: Rubrics for experimental studies revro
 DOWNLOAD: Rubrics written mg

Teacher self-evaluation questionnaire

Teacher self-evaluation questionnaire

 DOWNLOAD:  Teacher self evaluation

Teacher questionnaire

Teacher questionnaire

 DOWNLOAD:  Teacher questionnaire

Student questionnaire

Student questionnaire

 DOWNLOAD: Student questionnaire

Assessment tools

Assessment tools revised and approved

 DOWNLOAD: Example of assessment
 DOWNLOAD: Assessment to do list
 DOWNLOAD: Grid for written tests